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Your Children are Priceless!


Don’t Take a Chance on Their Safety!

We believe that they deserve the strongest pool safety fence possible.

Why do we say that?  Sadly the number one cause of accidental death for toddlers is drowning. We would love to protect every child from this needless danger.

Customers always ask “how do you know which pool fence to choose?” Good question, from 10 feet away most pool fences look exactly the same but they are all very different.  Take a moment to educate yourself with the information here on this site and soon the answer will be clear.

For almost 30 years Protect-A-Child pool fence has been testing and experimenting on how to make the strongest and the safest pool fence possible. We’re not happy just offering the same style of fence that was developed about 30 years ago.

We are the only company to offer:

  • A no bending or breaking guarantee
  • A patented latching system that took me 3 minutes to figure out the first time I saw it
  • The strongest posts available

The most important part of any pool fence is the support posts. They provide the structure for the whole fence. They are similar to your property fence, the stronger the posts, the stronger the fence.  The difference is for a removable mesh pool fence there is no support along the top or bottom like your property fence. The only thing holding the fence up is the vertical fence posts.

Watch this video and see what happens to a Protect-A-Child and competing pool safety fence when kids are playing near it.